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Activities in Dubai

One of the must to be visited area in Dubai is the impressive and unique sand dunes that are situated at the Arabian Peninsula. Your travel at Dubai will never be fulfilled and fully satisfied without paying a visit on the sand dunes. Dubai city maybe highly modernized and advanced and it is really great. But Dubai will be certainly never complete without these impressive sand dunes.

Spectacular views of the dessert in dubai

Spectacular views of the dessert can be seen here. It attracts locals, and visitors coming from four corners of the world. Another wonderful activity to engage in here is to have camping on one of oasis watching the stars along with the camels. If you wanted a thrilling activity, you may engage in an adventurous 4 wheel driving through the scenic views of the dunes. Flying and driving at high speed will surely make your adrenaline rush be more excited.

Another wonderful place to explore is the Night Safari. It offers special delicacies of foods like barbecues and other food menus. Thrilling, fun and exciting activities can be also engage in here. One of the best entertainments presented here is the belly dancing.  Joining the live dancing and other entertainment performances is also great and wonderful thing to do.

Dubai is rich in many admirable Gold Markets. One of the mostly visited and recognized destinations is the Dubai Gold Souks. The term souk refers to traditional market.  Around the world, Dubai is known as one of the biggest retail markets selling valuable items made up of gold. For sure you will find it great place in searching for wide range of jewelries.

Statistics shows that more than 300 retailers at Dubai selling gold souks. Aside from gold’s are the fresh vegetables and newly caught fishes. Cultures at Dubai is really great and impressive There is also a fish market and a vegetable market located next to the gold market. Going to the Souk is accessible via transport. One particular way to get here is via taxi. Taxi drivers know each destination that you wanted to head on. Alternatively you may take the Metro Dubai to the Al Ghubaiba and you will certainly get the market. One of the closest gold markets is the Sharjah Blue Souk which is only about 15 to 20 minutes of drive away from the city centre.

Dubai Golfing

Another impressive activity to engage in at Dubai is golfing. As a fact it is one of the best and world class golfing destinations around the globe. Amazingly, the country boasts 12 world class golf courses and still counting on. Among those top 5 golf courses are the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai Country Club, Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club and Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa.

Still there are so many impressive areas that the country possesses. Some of those attractions are the Lovely Beaches to fully unveil all of it, have your online booking on advance to one of the accommodating hotels in the area.