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All About Dubai

Dubai is known as a world-leader in terms of enterprise and modernization. It has gained great international merit and because of this the city is a hotspot for important business, tourism, and trading. Known as a dynamic and a business-friendly city, Dubai is also known and even holds a great track record for implementing major projects.

dubai city

Through the dedication of his Highness the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, he envisions Dubai as a leisure and entertainment capital of the world. In fact, he aims and dedicates himself to bring in more tourists to Dubai each year.

Dubai is a modern cosmopolitan city. It has more than 185 ethnicities that live in a dynamic and international setting. This city has become an icon for the 21st century and also has excellent revolutionary new projects and examples of these was the huge expansion of the Emirates Airlines fleet  costing up to USD 15 billion as well as the expansion of the Dubai International Airport amounting to USD 4 billion.

Tracing back the history of Dubai, its geographic location is near to India, making it an important port for many tradesmen during those times. Dubai was also known way back for its pearl exports until 1930s but due to the great depression and the world war, it didn’t last long. After United Arab Emirates was formed, there were issues regarding the borders. In the 1950s when the British moved their local administrative offices, electricity and telephone services were established. The airport was also built. The town joined Qatar, the newly independent country in order to put up a new monetary unity, the Qatar/Dubai Riyal after the Gulf Rupee’s deflation. It was also during that same year that oil was discovered in Dubai. After the discovery of oil, the town was given the recognitions to international oil companies. Due to the discovery of oil, there was a massive influx of foreign particularly Indian and Pakistani workers in the city and the city population from 1968 to 1975 increased more than 300%.

Dubai is highly-regarded as a desirable real estate place in the whole world. It is also recognized as the fastest growing city and a very safe place or city to live in. This city is also not too far from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Many tourists flock to this city and that it has earned the title as a tourists’ city of the world. Many travelers look forward or dream of having a vacation in Dubai because it is undeniably a wonderful city with lots of attractions, shopping places, and buildings or skyscrapers with amazing architectures. The number of visitors going to Dubai has grown from 1.8 million to a staggering 5.4 million in the past years.


The city has something amazing to offer for everybody. It is not just a very beautiful city. It is a tax-free haven and many expats come here for a good job. Dubai has many world-class restaurants and dining places, cafes, theaters, pubs, clubs, and a lot more.